LaRhonda Goodwin

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LaRhonda Goodwin is a 36-year old mother of two boys, Ishais, age 16 and Cassius, age 1. Ms. Goodwin was awarded the 2018 HOPE Network Scholarship during her last semester of studies with Upper Iowa University.

In July of this year, she successfully completed her B.A. degree in psychology, including state social work training requirements. She has over 15 years’ experience in human services, with her associate of applied science degree completed in 2007. Ms. Goodwin is excited to transition her career in human services to certified social worker.

Since completion of her bachelor’s degree, Ms. Goodwin was hired by The Parenting Network as a a youth services program facilitator. She hopes to attend graduate school within the next year. Her goal is to complete doctoral studies in clinical psychology or marriage and family therapy.

She’s researching and evaluating her options in both fields, and looks forward to the future.

LaRhonda with her sons

LaRhonda Goodwin and sons
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