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I am Kimberly K Clayton, a single mother of one daughter, Elise, and a Minister of Jesus Christ with a passion and concern for the poor, children, and the elderly.

Since God has called and chosen me I will obtain my Certificate in Christian Counseling, Masters in Biblical Studies, and my Honorary Doctorate Degree.

My goals are to raise and inspire my daughter, Elise, and to impact and help the city of Milwaukee through a Prayer & Evangelism Ministry.

My mom and dad (Mrs. & Mr. Jones) are a great support system. Even though my mom passed away some time ago, she showed me how to persevere and how to never give up. My dad encouraged me when things seemed hardest by telling me to exercise my faith. I know some of the things I have been able to do, would not be possible without my dad’s love and support.

Dr. Pastor Betty Quinn has been an awesome spiritual mentor that is guiding me along the journey she has already traveled. She informed me about Ecclesia Leadership Institute, where I obtained my Chaplaincy Certification and will finish my Christian education.

Life can be challenging and will throw curve balls that weren’t anticipated. In hindsight I was able to see all that I could have accomplished if I had only changed my focus! I am determined to have something positive to show for it when the dust settles from the storm!

Elise is a born leader! She enjoys quality time with me and we enjoy our very own movie night on Friday nights; we watch Highway to Heaven, Let the Church Say Amen, and King Julien to name a few.

I volunteer with Midwest Bible College and with HOPE Network, both in the office and as a Community Resource Partner. Jo Ann Durrett saw the need for HOPE Network to connect with another inner city clothing bank, which is now Scott Christian Youth Center, an outreach ministry of (Greater) Outreach COGIC.

Prayer has made the world of difference in my life. I invite single mothers and whoever else needs prayer to come and pray at 6am or 8am (offered every day) with Pastor Joseph Sellers at (Greater) Outreach COGIC at 2741 N Teutonia Ave.

I would also like to thank all of the generous donors, the HOPE Network staff and volunteers who have helped me and all of the other single mothers to continue with  our education pursuits!

Kimberly and Elise

Kimberly and Elise
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