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At Hope Network, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of education to enhance livelihoods and foster self-sufficiency. Since 1988, we have been annually granting scholarships aimed at supporting single mothers in their pursuit of post-secondary education.
Create Opportunity should read – By contributing to our scholarship fund, you enable mothers to forge brighter paths for themselves and their families.

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What makes us unique?

For many mothers, childcare is an additional hurdle to jump in achieving their educational goals. HOPE Network’s scholarships can be used for tuition or for childcare while the mother attends school. This flexibility creates equity for mothers struggling to finish their education. 

Edmund Springman Educational Grant

Edmund Springman was one of the earliest volunteers – and the first active HOPE Network volunteer to pass away.  Founder Gail Sweet recalls, “Ed was an angel with a broom at our Network potluck suppers.  He was always quick to work on clean-up, when most volunteers were tired of working.” Ed’s legacy of hard work and service aligns with the dedication and tenacity of the single mothers who receive the grant honoring him. 

Rachel Holley Sciortino Educational Grant

Rachel Holley SciortinoIn 2018, HOPE Network’s board created the Rachel Holley Sciortino Educational Grant with memorials received following the tragic death of our beloved executive director. In her short time with HOPE Network, she brought to us her zest for life, wonderful new ideas, and community connections. Thanks to the generosity of Rachel’s family, HOPE Network will be able to honor her memory with this scholarship for years to come.

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship committee serves as the cornerstone of opportunity, diligently sifting through applications with the aim of identifying bright minds and promising individuals deserving of financial assistance for their educational journey. Comprised of dedicated professionals, the committee operates with a shared commitment to fairness and excellence. Their collective expertise ensures that each applicant is evaluated with care, considering not just academic achievements, but also personal stories, challenges overcome, and potential for future impact. Through their rigorous selection process, the scholarship committee becomes a beacon of hope, paving the way for deserving students to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential.

Meet Our Committee

Crystal Hearvey
Jessica Janz-McKnight
Angela Kingsawan

Create opportunity

Your contribution to our scholarship fund enables mothers to forge brighter futures for themselves and their children.

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